Aim High institution is like our own home. Here Anasuya ma'am loves us very much and teaches us with care. Ma'am is like ous own mother and she scolds us also like our mother so that we learn very well. Aim High is the best institurtion to learm, that I think. I love Aim High and all the teachers here. Anasuya ma'am wants us to learn English well. So, Aim High institution is the biggest school in my life.


Class - VI

When I was in Class - III, I came to Aim High. I like the institution. I study many things in my institution. I like English and Maths because Anasuya ma'am teaches English and Rini ma'am teaches Maths. So, I like English and Maths.

Kumari Sikha

Class - V

I am Ayush Thakur. I read in Class VIII. I joined Aim High in January 2019. I feel better in this tuition class. I study English, Maths and Science. My favourite subjects are English and Maths. When I joined this tuition, I got good marks in school. I like the teachers very much.

Ayush Thakur

Class - VIII

I have joined this institution on this month. I don't know much about this institution but I feel I have improved a lot in Maths and English. I started loving Maths and English from my heart. I have improved a lot.

Deyashini Das

Class - IX

Aim High is a very good institute. I like this institute very much and I also like the teachers. I am studying here from Class - VII. Ma'am is teaching grammer very well. Noe I learn Spoken English also. Students are enjoying there learning. Everyone loves to study here. This is a beautiful place for learning.


Class - XI

I have joined in 'Aim High' on February 2019 and since then continuing my Spoken English course under Anasuya Ma'am. I am enjoying to learn in this institute. Here the teachers are very friendly and very helpful. At the end of the day my opinion is, this institute is very good and everyone who is very much interested to enhance their Spoken English must join here.

Samak Mukherjee

Spoken English Student

Aim High is a very popular institution. It is a very helpful institution to enhance one's English and personality as well. Teachers over here are very kind and highly qualified. Students also enjoy their learning. Our respected founder, Anasuya Ma'am (who is extremely gorgeous) is almost our mother and we feel free to talk to her about our problems. She makes us speak in English fluently.


Spoken English Student

When I was in Class Four, I joined AIM HIGH institution. At that time I was very weak in studies. Slowly slowly i improved in my studies. I got good marks also. I never got full marks in Maths before joining this institution. But after coming to this institution, I got full marks in Maths, not only in Maths but in all subjects. I started loving Maths and English.

Snaha Kumari Ojha

Class - VIII

Aim High is a very good English Learning centre where you can learn how to speak in English fluently. Anasuya Ma'am, she is too good, which helps us very much. The best thing is I have become very thorough with grammer. And about our very own Anasuya Ma'am, she is a pretty woman I can say and I love the way she teraches us. I love Aim High as well as Anasuya Ma'am.

Audrija Banerjee

Spoken English Student

Aim High is a good institute. The teachers are also very good. I like this institute. In this institute teachers teaches us English. And I like to go to this institute. In this institute the students enjoy their learning. In this place tha ma'am is very friendly. This is a very beautiful place for learning and their teachers are also beautiful.


Class - V

Aim High is a name... every institute has a name, nothing great. But Aim High is Aim High because of Anasuya Ma'am. She is agreat and honest ma'am... Aim High's Anasuya Ma'am. She is really caring to all ther students. She has a lot of tenacity. I adore her because she is like a mother - emotional person. I really sometimes think, why I have not met her before. I really wish if I was with ma'am before. But not to worry I am learning. I can, I promise to myself - I will speak English well. Please give me Ashirbad, I will never forget all your kindness.


Spoken English Student